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Read frequently asked questions about surveying

If surveying, civil engineering and the development processes are a mystery to you, we’ve compiled some of the commonly asked questions with our answers to help you better understand our range of services and processes.

 If you have a question that you don’t see on our page, please contact us and we will happily provide you an answer.

Land surveying is the science and technique of determining boundaries and the three dimensional points of the terrain. These points are often on the land’s surface, and are used to establish maps and boundaries for ownership or governmental purposes.

Having a survey conducted is a great idea to ensure you know the actual boundaries of the land measured. Our surveyors will check and peg these for you. We also suggest contacting the local council to check the building boundaries and zoning for the property.

A lease area survey is carried out to determine the area of land or space within a building and is the basis for deciding the rental value of the premises.

At Duggan Mather Surveyors, we undertake:

  • Road design
  • Driveway design
  • Water reticulation design
  • Sewer design
  • Residential drainage infiltration system design

Read more about our Civil Engineering services here.

A development application, also referred to as a DA, is a request for consent to carry out development in NSW. A development application consists of a collection of documents including application forms, site plans and reports that are submitted to your local council. Our team handles all plans for lodging DAs. View our Development page for more information.

We conduct bushfire threat assessments and bushfire compliance reports for any environmental compliance needs. Contact our team to find out more.

An 88b Instrument is a document that accompanies any new plan for registration to create easements, restrictions on use of the land and positive covenants. This document is needed to identify the parties that will benefit and be burdened by the easement, restriction or covenant. Our team will advise the best way to create a plan to suit your requirements and the requirements of your local council.