Our Surveying

Although surveying is not a new concept it is often overlooked by businesses and property owners. Here at Duggan Mather Surveyors we want to change that by educating clients and providing a complete range of surveying services. 

We believe land surveying is of vital importance to land ownership. It can help you purchase a property, subdivide land and assist with construction projects. Our team tackles every aspect of land surveying and will even help with any council lodgements. 

If you’re interested in land surveying, or are undertaking a new project, contact our surveyors to get started. We service the Hunter and Port Stephens regions.

Land Surveys

At Duggan Mather Surveyors, we conduct land surveys including topographical, detail and level surveys to assist in creating building designs. 

Topographic surveys involve identifying and mapping the contours of the ground and existing features on the surface including existing trees, walkways, manholes, buildings, etc.

Detail and level surveys are similar in the identification of ground contours; however, they also obtain adjoining property and street information. 

Once our surveyors have collated the information we produce plans that are required by architects in the design process. We will provide these plans to you and your nominated architects.

Our surveys will help you:

  • Clearly define property boundaries
  • Help determine if the land is flood-prone
  • Identify if the deed shown by the seller accurately reflects the size of the property
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Boundary Marking Surveys

As the name suggests, boundary marking surveys identify and map the perimeter of a
property. We will also physically mark the corners of your land in the process.

These surveys can be useful in situations such as:

  • Boundary disputes
  • Creating easement plans
  • Installing fencing or retaining walls
  • Identifying natural boundaries such as creeks or rivers

Construction Surveys

A construction survey physically marks the points where a new building or structure is to be positioned. The marks set by our team will accurately match the design and regulations identified in your plans.

Our construction survey services include bulk earthworks set outs, building set outs plus floor and roof height compliance surveys. 

Floor and roof height compliance surveys are usually carried out to confirm the height of floor slabs or roof heights to the Australian Height Datum, or the local council’s standard of ground level. Our surveyors will help you determine ground level before any design or construction work commences. This will help you identify if your site has any limitations to combat.

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Subdivision involves dividing an existing land parcel into two or more lots. Once registered with the NSW Land and Property Information (LPI) these lots will be given a new Title. 

Our surveyors can assist with subdivisions for Torrens Title (Duplexes), Strata Title (Multistorey buildings) and Community Title (Where lots share common property) properties. 

We can also help with the lodgement of your development application (DA) as well as the electronic lodgement of your subdivision plans with the LPI.

Lease Area Surveys

At Duggan Mather Surveyors, we carry out lease area surveys to determine the area of land or space within a building. This area then becomes the basis for determining the rental value of the premises under the lease agreement. 

Utilising our lease area survey will safeguard the interests of both the property owners and tenants alike. Miscalculations can have significant impacts when multiplied over long standing leases of 10 or 20 years.

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Identification Surveys

We conduct identification surveys to identify and locate structures and improvements on an area of land. This will show you the distance from the structures to the land’s boundaries. It will also depict existing easements, restrictions or covenants. We recommend having an identification survey completed before purchasing property, for conveyancing purposes and to protect against any potential disputes.